Sport Premium

Primary Sports Premium Report 2017-18

The Government is providing funding to maintained primary schools and academies that is specifically targeted at improving the provision of physical education (PE) and sport.

The Youth Sport Trust vision statement for the use of this premium is as follows:-

 “A measurable and sustained improvement in school PE and sport, underpinned by high-quality teaching that increases participation levels in physical activity, and leads to healthier pupils who are more engaged across the whole curriculum”

The Ridgeway School

Our use of the Sports Premium is based on whole school projects tailored to meet individual student needs. The focus is across four areas as follows:-

  1. To improve the quality of Physical Activity and Sports teaching in School
  2. To improve students health and wellbeing through activity and healthy eating as part of Healthy Schools.
  3. To enable students at all levels of physical development to improve their understaning and skills
  4. To increase the range of sporting activities offered to include outdoor learning and increased access into community sports events.
  5. To improve the attainment levels of students in PE and Sport, including impact on Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development.

In 2017-18 we have received: £16,490

With this we aim to meet these targets by implementing the following:-

  • ‘Real PE’ training – two staff attending this 3 day training to develop a new PE curriculum throughout the school.
  • To continue to offer additional opportunities to access external coaching and training such as rebound therapy, football, Boccia, swimming, horse riding and dance.
  • To continue to employ a swimming teacher for weekly sessions split into ability groups.
  • To employ and Occupational Therapist to work with staff to develop sensory integration programmes for pupils who are less able physically and need to debvlop, body awareness and early physical skills.
  • To fund ‘OT lunchtime Club’ – targeted sessions for students who need extra support to develop Gross and Fine motor skills.
  • 365 Sports. PE lessons for KS1 and KS2, run by coaches and providing professional development for staff.
  • To provide rolling updates for training such as Rebound therapy, lifeguard training to enable hydrotherapy/swimming.
  • Developing an Outdoor adventurous activities curriculum and embed outdoor learning throughout the school curriculum.


Report date - 18/04/18


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