Speech & Language Therapy Resources

Supporting communication can be done anywhere and everywhere on a daily basis through small tasks and these all add up to make a difference.

Sometimes it can feel really daunting when you are trying to think of ways to support your child which doesn’t include lots of time or resources. This is where the Speech and Language Therapy team can help.

The aim of this page is to provide information to help you support your child’s communication at home. It is very likely that you are doing this already, but sometimes, it can be helpful to acknowledge that the things you already do is how we support your child in school too.

If you have any questions about anything that is posted here, please contact your allocated Class Therapist.

Questions - Feb21 -> PDF Document

Verbs - Feb21 -> PDF Document

Colourful Semantics - Jan21 -> PDF Document

Christmas Learning Resource - Dec20 -> PDF Document