Implementation; Overview


How is learning delivered?

The delivery of learning, or implementation of the curriculum, is tailored to each individual as they access one of five learning routes. Whilst our curriculum pathways outline the development of knowledge and skills, these routes define the approach deployed within the classroom.

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Learning Routes Presentation Mar 24 -> PDF Document

Through careful research, we have identified that the most effective learning takes place when a child is within “flow”. Each route is designed to enable this “flow”, balancing an individual’s developmental ability with an appropriate level of challenge. This challenge is provided within the environment, teaching style and engagement expectations.

The teaching and learning approach used within each route aligns with the developmental progression that we observe in our children. As our children progress their knowledge and skills, the approach required to support them to take the next step within their learning also progresses.

Each route follows the cycle of experiences and sits within a curriculum pathway, ensuring a clear sequence of aspiration, learning and approach.

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