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Intent          What we want to achieve / Why we do what we do


To make it possible for children to; self-advocate, be independent, be socially and emotionally resilient, to have the skills and knowledge to lead as full a life as possible, both now and in preparation for adulthood.

For each child to have a personalised learning journey, providing a rich, broad and balanced curriculum experience that engages, motivates and maximises opportunities for learning.

For every staff member to be confident, knowledgeable and have the subject expertise and curriculum understanding to ensure our offer is effective in challenging pupils’ learning.

To support this, all learning is built upon the four pillars of:

Communication & Self-Advocacy, Independence & Life skills, Social & Emotional Wellbeing, Physical & Sensory Development

These lead into the preparing for adulthood areas of:

       Friends, Relationships & Community, Employment, Good Health, Independent Living


 Implemention How we aim to achieve our intent / How we do what we do


Pupils access a personalised learning route (defined by evidence-based approaches) identified through an assessment of their developmental level. This means that pupils access learning that maximises progress within a clear sequence of learning, as defined by the progression within our curriculum pathways.

 The curriculum is responsive to the needs and priorities for each child.  Teachers use a range of developmentally appropriate research based strategies to support learning, (as detailed within the Knowledge Mapping).

Learning is delivered through a combination of class and community-based learning; mixing independent discovery and play-based learning, structure and routine with real world spontaneous events to maximise progress in each of the four pillars of the curriculum.   

We work in collaboration with other professionals, parents and all those who form the community around the child.


Impact                  What we achieve through what we do / What happens as a result of what we do


Through gathering of data and information around each child, we measure how the curriculum improves outcomes for individuals against the four pillars. 

Successful impact will be seen in children being able to; advocate for themselves, be as independent as possible within their community, access supported leisure, living and employment options and positively contribute to their community.

This will ultimately be measured by improved life outcomes beyond The Ridgeway and in supporting individuals to access the world around them and communicate to the best of their abilities.  


Curriculum Glossary Mar 24 -> PDF Document


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