School Vision & Aims


  • A school where each child receives personalised, tailored provision, targeted at maximising communication, self-advocacy and independence through detailed assessment, use of technologies and evidence based research.


  • A school where staff are active and enthusiastic participants in the learning process, are open minded, confident in their knowledge and eager to acquire new skills.


  • A school where high expectations are fundamental to our ethos and where we focus on teaching and learning being relevant, meaningful and fun, with a clear emphasis on preparation for the future.


  • A school where everyone recognises that they are valued and respected and in return value and respect one another, prioritising the well-being and mental health of all, children, staff and families, incorporating this into every aspect of provision.


  • A school that is both at the heart of and in partnership with the community, championing and promoting the positive image of the young people with whom it is connected.


Our Vision and Aims reflect and support the themes of Safety, Health, Enjoyment, Economic Well-Being and Community Participation.