School Vision & Aims

Our Vision

A voice for all to enable lifelong opportunities: Facilitating individual expression to enable lifelong opportunities.

Our Values

Respect – Connect with and celebrate individuality.

Expression - Widen worlds through personalised communication.

Ambition - Embrace potential.

Inclusivity - Champion opportunities for all.

We hope for every young person to…

Have a strong sense of belonging and to have the knowledge and skills to be able to self-advocate, be independent, be socially and emotionally resilient, to lead as full a life as possible, fulfilling their potential both now and in the future.

We do this by connecting with each individual child and adult so that we are a school where….

Our approach is child centred.

  • Every young person receives personalised provision that promotes self-regulated, independent learning.
  • Every young person receives provision tailored to facilitate success within their individual priorities.

Our approach is innovative.

  • We hold high expectations for every young person and adult.
  • We deliver teaching and learning that is relevant, meaningful, and fun, with a clear focus on preparation for the future.
  • We adapt and tailor provision by remaining open minded, proactive, and curious.

Our approach is collaborative.

  • We collaborate with our families, therapy teams, wider team of professionals and the local community to achieve the very best for each young person and adult.
  • We champion our young people, and work with local partners to create new opportunities within the wider community.