Flow Learning

At The Ridgeway, we have developed a model of teaching and learning that is developmentally appropriate for our learners and underlines all actions within the classroom.

As stated within our Curriculum Statement, we want our pupils to “have as rich and fulfilled a life as possible, both now and into the future” and it is important that we engage our learners in a format that ensures that they can learn and translate skills naturally to wider contexts. To do this, we foster five key elements that provide the conditions for individual progress within our curriculum pillars.

The key elements are:

  • Personalised and Tailored Provision
    • We are a school where each child receives personalised, tailored provision, targeted at maximising communication, self-advocacy and independence through detailed assessment, use of technologies and evidence-based research.
  • Thinking Skills
    • Our Thinking Skills Curriculum sits at the heart of the progression of knowledge and skills that we seek to develop in our learners. Our children’s self-esteem, confidence and motivation for learning and participation in life is built upon their ability to develop independence. Our focus on Thinking Skills is a fundamental aspect of this as we teach children how to access the world around them and develop the metacognitive skills to be as independent as possible.
  • Enabling Environment and Active Learning
    • As inspired by the Early Years Foundation Stage Principles, through providing appropriate environments and opportunities for independent learning, we can facilitate and replicate opportunities that can be practised, rehearsed and honed within a safe space before being applied in the wider world.
  • High Expectations
    • We are a school where high expectations are fundamental to our ethos. All staff members seek to inspire, motivate, and challenge individuals to access relevant and meaningful learning that has a clear emphasis on preparation for the future.
  • Engagement
    • We use the Engagement Model for all our pupils to showcase what the student looks like when they are most motivated and engaged in any area of the curriculum and seek opportunities to increase access to the curriculum.