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Safeguarding & eSafety

Child Protection and Safeguarding

This is fundamental to everything that we do at The Ridgeway School and we take our duties seriously, including our commitment to on-line safety.

Our staff members, volunteers and any visitors to the school, including parents and carers, are responsible for the welfare of children. This includes doing everything we can to protect our children in school, at home, in the community and on-line.

If you see anything whilst in school that gives you cause for concern, or have any questions, you have a duty of care to report it:

Speak to a member of the school’s Child Protection Team:

Debra Ward - Deputy Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead

Darryl Morgan - Headteacher and Deputy DSL
Thomas Byrne - Deputy Headteacher and Deputy DSL
Katie Taylor - Designated Teacher for Looked After Children and Deputy DSL
Erika Lindsey-Clark - Deputy DSL
Chelsea Loynes - Home School Link Worker and Deputy DSL

School Child Protection Summary

School Child Protection Guide - June 2021


WMAT Safeguarding;

June 22 - The Safe Edition 24 - Focusing on information for parents, eSafety agreements with kids, the Dark Web

March 22 - The Safe - Edition 23 - Focusing on online safety & child exploitation

May21 - The Safe - Edition 21 - Sexual Violence & Harrassment Between Children

Mar21 - The Safe - Edition 20 - Radicalisation & Extremism


The school believes eSafety is an important issue as access to the internet is all around us and on most smart electronic devices, many of which we want to use to help our pupils \ children with communications and learning. In school we use and promote the SMART protocol for internet use.

SMART Guide - 5 Rules to Staying Safe Online

Parents Event - eSafety Day 2018 Presentation


Online Resources;

Web links to organisations looking to help provide e-safety information and resources for staff, parents & pupils.

Internet Matters

UK Safer Internet OrgChildnet International


NSPCC & O2 -> Internet Child Safety

NSPCC & O2 -> Net-Aware


Preventing Child Exploitation - useful website links;

CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection) - National Crime Agency

ThinkuKnow - Education programme from CEOP

Parents Protect! - a project from the Lucy Faithful Foundation

Stop It Now! - Helpline run by the Lucy Faithful Foundation

Pace (Parents Against Child Exploitation)