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At the Ridgeway School, PE is taught across all age phases, taking account of pupils’ levels of understanding and how old they are, with every pupil in the school participating in a PE lesson each week. In addition, pupils are given the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular clubs including; 360 Sports, Planet soccer Football and hockey. Physical Development is a Prime area of learning in the EYFS and opportunities are given daily through outside play and music and movement.

PE is delivered at key stages 1 and 2 using a scheme of work called Real PE, which aims to provide every pupil with the physical literacy, emotional and thinking skills to achieve in PE, sport and life. It is a unique child-centred approach that transforms how we teach PE to engage and challenge pupils. Through this approach we are able to create positive relationships with physical activity for life.

Swimming is provided on a weekly basis for pupils in Primary school with hydrotherapy for pupils with more complex needs and swimming lessons for other pupils. In secondary school students with more complex needs continue to receive hydrotherapy and other students have blocks of swimming lessons at a local pool during the year.

PE works very well with our “Thinking Skills” curriculum which encourages independent learning. Each aspect of the PE curriculum is linked with focusing on and teaching a specific Thinking Skill each half term.

As a subject PE enables pupils to consolidate their learning from Maths, English, Science and PSHE and C subjects  as they are required to use skills including; counting, listening, speaking, sequencing, working together, shapes, reading etc.

In conjunction with the Maths Curriculum, a new scheme of work has been implemented, which is Active Maths. This involves the teaching of Mathematics being taught in a physical manner involving PE skills. This is a fun and engaging approach.

As part of the PE curriculum there is provision for sensory integration, physiotherapy, rebound therapy and hydrotherapy for the pupils with more complex needs. It also provides breadth for SLD pupils offering; swimming, dance and horse riding. Students in KS5 have the opportunity to go to Sailability at Frensham pond in the summer term.

There are opportunities for pupils to take part in competitions and inter school sports through the year. These include Primary and Secondary Panathlon, Para games and Boccia tournaments.

PE is part of the Creative Arts Faculty and once a year there is a Creative Arts Curriculum Week with a specific focus and them. One of those days is dedicated to sports and we have been successful in creating a Sports Day for the whole school to enjoy.

PE is not assessed as a subject in its own right but the progress pupils make is reflected in assessment using COMPAS in the core subjects, Thinking skills and Engagement.

We realise the importance of engagement and we acknowledge that deeper learning can only occur when pupils are f​ully engaged and have resources that are matched to their personal learning styles.