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Key Stage 5

The curriculum at Key Stage 5 continues to build on our foundation focus on Communication & Self-Advocacy, Independence & Life Skills and Social, Emotional Well-Being. The curriculum builds maturation and a broad experience offer to enable students to explore potential options for their future.  The Curriculum content is personalised to the learning needs of each student to equip them for future pathways.  

They are taught Thinking Skills, English, Maths, PSHE & C, Computing, Physical Education, Food Technology, Horticulture and Religious Education. For further subject information please refer to the curriculum documents. 

In addition to these subjects there is an emphasis on developing PSHE & Careers skills. The pupils are provided with opportunities to access the community in a variety of ways such as being based at an offsite unit at Farnham Sixth Form College, attending Art at Alton College, Adult Education Performing Arts/ Textiles and Art, supported work experience, Tandridge, (Brass Band), shopping, sailing, swimming and sports at a local leisure centre. 

Learning in these subjects is tailored to the individual learning needs of each student, where it is possible to recognise skills that a student is learning in a nationally recognised form through accreditation this is pursued.  In this way the students' needs lead their learning programme rather than a specific curriculum model or accreditation scheme. The School use a variety of accreditation schemes, such as ASDAN Personal Progress and City and Guilds Horticulture Diploma to enhance/evidence a student’s individual learning needs, but only where this will be meaningful for the student and for a future placement or employer.