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At the Ridgeway School, Music is taught from Nursery through to Key Stage 4. Guidelines from the EYFS form the basis of Creative Development and Music in the Foundation Stage,   Music is part of daily routine and school life, it is taught across the curriculum and used as an inclusive, therapeutic and engaging tool to enhance and develop learning. The Ridgeway embraces music as a powerful and unique form of communication that has impact on the improvement of all pupils’ emotional, social, creative, cognitive, physical and spiritual development.

Music supports the school’s visions and aims and is differentiated to the individual needs and abilities of students in a way that supports pupils’ individual learning goals and improves levels of progress and achievement across all subject areas, including English, Maths, Science and PSHE. Assessment of which is documented through our online COMPAS tool which captures the students’ Linear Milestones, Thinking Skills and Engagement Steps.

Music sits within the Creative Arts Faculty and regular social opportunities to experience live music are provided through interactive workshops, performances and visits from professional musicians, developing pupils understanding of the world around them and enabling pupils to appreciate and respect a wide range of genres and styles of music from around the world. Experiences range from the classical to the more modern and eccentric, for example, African drumming, flat foot dancing, banjo playing and Gospel choirs.

Language development and communication is at the core of everything we do at the Ridgeway and Music teaching supports this. Our Singing and signing choir support the development of Makaton signing across the school, as well as providing opportunities to perform and share our learning with parents/carers and people within the local community by taking part in local performances, festivals, fetes and concerts. These include Rock challenge, Farnham Festival and Farnham’s got talent!

We aim to teach our pupils to use their thinking skills to explore and utilise Music as a tool for learning, communication, or to explain or express emotions and contribute to overall good well-being.